High Marques Motor Cars owned by John Vogt has been a landmark of Morristown, NJ for 30 years. John started selling Porsches early in his career and has driven and instructed at most of the race tracks on the east coast as well as other parts of the world.

John is a car guy through and through and loves to share his knowledge with others. We specialize in Porsches, but also offer other prestigious marques as Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes and others.

High Marques is home to some of the best pre-owned luxury cars available. We choose low mile, excellent condition cars for offer. Most of our cars are purchased from the people that were driving them, not through the disconnect of auctions. Rest assured and have confidence that you are buying a quality vehicle.

If you are in the area stop by to look and talk cars in our beautiful showroom. If not we will do our best to describe our cars in detail and provide any additional pictures to help you make an informed buying decision.

Stop by and say hello!

John Vogt


We offer worldwide shipping, financing options, repair services and detailing. Please use the menu above to browse our current inventory and learn more about us. Our Reputation is one of the finest in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering the best cars with Integrity, Respect and Commitment.

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