Rally Crosses The Finish Line for 2017

Well the rally season has has come to the end and will resume in the spring. We set many records this year. The Welcome To The Club Rally introduced many new comers to our style of fun. The High Marques Rally took us through the north west part of our region and had a great feast at the Mohawk House in Sparta. The Run For The Ribs Rally was a great tour with an amazing BBQ party at the Minute Man Restaurant. The Oktoberfest Rally landed at the Black Forest Inn with authentic Bavarian fare ,what better way to celebrate our our German car club? The Dreyfus Cup Rally went to the south western part of our region. We then partied at the Black Horse Inn in an elegant atmosphere .

The prestigious Dreyfus Cup was won by Bill and Sue Merrit. They also have the distinction of being the expert driver and navigator winners.The [...]

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