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1975 Porsche 911 RSR Style Race Car

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The car you see before you is a 1975 Porsche 911. Purchased by the current owner in 2007 and driven at PCA Driver’s Education events for most of the last twelve years.

The motor is a 3.4 litre based on a Euro 3 litre case. Dynoed recently it pulled 307 rear wheel horsepower at 7,200 R.P.M. Specifications and details for the engine build are available from Will DiGiovani at PMR racing in Califon/Long Valley. The engine has Pauter connecting rods, a four bearing cam housing, 3.2 litre heads and Haltech fuel injection. A large capacity oil cooler is fitted at the front, and ventilated through the hood. A large capacity front mounted oil tank is fitted.

The gearbox is a Porsche 911 964, G50 gearbox.  Modifications were made to the transmission tunnel by Dawe Racing to fit the larger G50 gearbox. It has an RSR clutch. A locking racing differential is fitted.

In addition to the engine and gearbox upgrades the following modifications have been made to the car –

  • Body was stripped of all extraneous parts.
  • Full Nascar style welded  roll cage, to all suspension points with additional bracing for structural rigidity.
  • Coil over suspension with adjustable roll bars.
  • Fibreglass –  front guards, rear turbo flares, front and rear bumper, IROC T-Tail, Hood with cooling duct for oil cooler.
  • Lexan vented windows.
  • A 5lb fire bottle is fitted.
  • Two recaro racing seats.
  • Momo – Proto-tipo steering wheel.
  • Custom light weight shifting and throttle linkages.
  • 930 Turbo front brakes.
  • BBS race wheels 9 inch at the front 11 inch at the rear. A spare set of Kinesis wheels with turbo spacers.
  • Autometer tachometer, engine rev limiter and shift light.
  • The car is tuned for 110 Octane leaded racing fuel.
  • The adjustable front splitter was fabricated by an aircraft machinist and uses flush rivets.
  • The car was recently fitted with a new set of headers and an RSR style muffler.
  • The car has no wipers or headlights.
  • There is a spare original, magnesium case 915 gearbox and driveshafts.
  • 17 Gallon Pro Cell fuel tank.
  • Before the change of gearbox the car weighed 2,070 pound wet.
  • Color – Ferrari Fly Yellow.


This is an easy car to drive on the track.  The G50 gearbox has cured all of the old 915 gearbox shifting issues. The car is fast and light. The unboosted brakes require more effort than most drivers are used to, and yet the car has (due to its weight) amazing braking ability.The immense 315 Hoosiers give new meaning to the idea of “slow in, fast out,” with enormous grip on the exit to corners. The  motor is flexible, and the driver does not always have to be in the right gear at the right time (although it helps). The car could be driven on the street and in traffic (the vehicle is not registered). The motor is sweet sounding and gorgeous to listen to. This is a real drivers car for the person who wants the old school feel of an early 911 race car, with the speed to match modern Porsches. Over the years it has attracted many admirers on and off the track.

Year: 1975
Model: 911
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Condition: Modified
Price: $44,900
Drivetrain: 2 Wheel Rear Drive
Engine: 3.4L Flat Six
Exterior Color: Yellow
Interior Color: Black
MPG: City / Highway
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